Nidy Sports Construction’s first sports construction project was a shuffleboard court built in 1924. Over the next 90 years Nidy established itself as the leading expert in the field of shuffleboard court construction. Nidy has worked to develop several different types of Shuffleboard Courts to meet client needs on time and on budget. Nidy is the sole applicator of the NICO Shuffleboard Playing Surface.

Below you’ll find a list the various types of shuffleboard courts offered by Nidy today.

Nidy Stained Courts

The Nidy stained court is our original shuffleboard surface. With over eighty years in the shuffleboard business we have developed a stain that will give you a long lasting, high performance court. This surface requires the use of sealers, waxes and glass beads. Nidy stained courts do require a level of maintaining, but with proper care, can provide you with a great tournament ready shuffleboard court. 

NICO Courts

The NICO surface was developed by the Nidy Company over thirty-five years ago to create a shuffleboard court with an improved appearance and better play with less maintenance. It has been used on courts all over Florida and locations throughout the United States. The surface eliminates the need for the use of glass beads, powdered waxes, as well as court waxes and sealers. The NICO surface also reduces glares on shuffleboard courts, provides excellent control of discs for improved play, and can be played when wet or dry. This surface is the preferred choice when it comes to selecting a shuffleboard surface!

The NICO shuffleboard surface is a sole proprietary product, developed and installed exclusively by the Nidy Sports Construction Company. 

Poly Courts / Plastic Shuffleboard Courts

Our Poly Court has a patented surface that allows the shuffleboard puck to slide smoothly. It is durable, easy to assemble and the poly material is suitable for all climates. Our Poly Courts create a ready-to-use shuffleboard surface with no maintenance. This hassle- free shuffleboard system can be used on any flat surface and is perfect for backyards, resorts, cruise liners, and restoration of existing courts. Our Deluxe Poly Court is of official tournament size, yet we can build a custom court of any size to meet your space requirements.

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