Nidy Sports Contractors has overseen the completion of hundreds of football fields, tennis and shuffleboard courts, baseball fields, running tracks and other athletic construction projects, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. Below are some common questions we often get asked or ask schools, universities, organizations and individuals looking to purchase a new sports facility/field.

  1. Have you established a budget for your sports construction project?
  2. What sort of sport(s) or activities will your project be used for?
  3. What available space can be used for the project? (i.e. where is it? How much space?)
  4. Are there any factors that would impact the project? (i.e. drainage issues, trees)
  5. Will you require parking, seating, utilities or other supporting structures for your project?
  1. Will the project be indoor or outdoor?
  2. How often and when will the project be in use?
  3. Are you interested in having Nidy handle ongoing maintenance for the project?
  4. Do you have an estimated start and/or finish date in mind?

By answering some of these questions you are taking the first step toward your dream athletic space.  Call 407-330-9466 to speak to a knowledgeable Nidy representative to find out more about what Nidy can offer, or request a quote online.